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Spring is in the Air! It’s the Best Time to Put Yourself Out There!

The snow is melting and the temperature is slowly rising. Spring is officially here. It’s a fantastic time to look for that summer soul mate! After all, spring is the unofficial season of love.

What makes Spring a perfect time for dating?

It’s all about the sunlight:

Sunlight is nature’s magic! It returns in full force in the spring, helping us in so many ways!

  • Boosts serotonin: Serotonin is nature’s antidepressant, helping alleviate feelings of loneliness, depression, anxiety and stress. It promotes feelings of calm and focus. Exposure to sunlight increases the brain’s release of serotonin. When that spring sun hits you, it’s so much easier to contemplate looking for love!
  • Decreases melatonin: Melatonin is the chemical in your brain that lulls you into slumber and is related to light and dark cycles. Sunshine regulates your circadian rhythm by telling your body when to increase and decrease your melatonin levels. Getting sunlight in the spring helps you sleep better, lowers stress, making you feel rejuvenated and energized. What better way to get motivated to find love!
  • Increases dopamine: Dopamine is the get-up and go compound in the brain that helps us stay motivated to attain goals and increase our productivity. Low levels of this brain chemical are related to procrastination and self-doubt. Periods of low exposure to sunlight (AKA winter!) lead to low levels of dopamine, reducing enthusiasm for even those things we enjoy. Spring sunshine increases dopamine helping you motivate yourself to meet that someone special! Your brain becomes a dopamine factory, turning you into a love junkie! 
  • Increases luteinizing hormone: Luteinizing hormone is a compound made in the pituitary gland. We won’t get into the finer details here, but when the luteinizing hormone elevates in the spring, our thoughts turn to love!

The desire for a new start:

When the snow begins to disappear, many of us feel the need to let go of the past and get a fresh start. Spring is the perfect time to let go of bad dating habits and start fresh.

We emerge from winter slumber:

Many of us hibernate in winter. We don pyjamas and binge-watch our favourite shows. Spring brings folks out of hibernation and out of their homes, which means a greater possibility of meeting that someone special in the real world.

It’s nice outside:

Nice weather means sidewalk cafes are open once again. You’re free to stroll the parks. Spring weather makes you feel giddy and euphoric. Everyone awakens to romantic potential. 

More possible activities:

There’s an endless number of warm-weather activities to undertake in the spring. Try biking, kayaking, walking, running, sailing, a picnic, gardening and/or softball. You may meet someone with common interests. (Check out our Volleyball Event happening on March 26!)

It’s mating season:

Animals and humans use spring to go forth and mate! The moment the weather shifts from brutal winter to whimsical, flowery, carefree spring, libidos skyrocket! 

Energy levels increase:

Spring makes us feel energized! Capitalize on increased spark and use this time of year to start dating again.

You’ve survived winter and now it’s time to have fun! Love is in the air! As the temperature rises, look for someone who shares your interest and desires a relationship. Get out there and approach folks. People fall in love in the springtime! It’s the best time to put yourself out there!

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