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Everyone Else Uses A Dating App… Do I Need To?

People around the world have embraced searching for potential love interests from the comfort of their homes. If you’re swiping left or right, you’re not alone! But, are you tired of over-edited profile pictures? Looking for more than just a fling? Weary of misreading intentions? Done with endless texting? It is possible to meet people face-to-face. A dating app is not essential. Meeting people in person doesn’t have to be an elusive endeavour. It’s completely viable to meet potential partners without using a dating app. Interestingly, the number of successful people meeting someone special on their own is very similar to those meeting someone on dating apps. We asked around and compiled some advice for face-face dating and introductions. 

Address your attitude:

Using dating apps can undermine your confidence and it’s common to find online dating frustrating. Always remind yourself that you’re a unique and interesting human being waiting to be discovered. There is someone out there for all of us.

Turn off your phone and look up:

If you wish to meet others face to face, you need to peel your eyes from your phone and notice those around you. Your chances of meeting someone increase when you remove your attention from your screen. Use a Nice Hat to help stand out in a crowd. 

Put yourself out there in authentic ways:

Spend time outside your home. Choose places and experiences that align with your interests. Do things that make you happy and watch for others that enjoy these experiences too. Joy attracts others! The more people with common interests that you expose yourself to and the more often you see them, the better. Jump at the chance to get out and attend parties, barbecues and dinners out on the town.


Let your family, friends and coworkers know that you are single and looking. Explain your standards and requirements for a partner. Have them introduce you to those they think you’ll enjoy. Plan group outings and parties, and bring along your Nice Hat! The broader your social network, the better the chance of making a connection.

Work an angle:

Look for potential matches amongst people who share common interests with you. Join a club, team, gym, studio or enroll in a class. Volunteer in your community. Interests can spark the flame.

Get chatty:

Make the effort to speak with others. Engage in conversation with new people wherever you are (grocery store, bank, post-office, drugstore, on public transit, gas stations, dry cleaners). Talk to at least one new person per day. Ask questions. Be a good listener. 

Put out some signals:

You need to let others know when you are interested. Make eye contact. Smile. Give a tip of the hat. Signal that you’re open and approachable. If you don’t make an effort, potential matches will pass you by. Our hats are designed to show others that you’re open and looking for a connection. They’re a great way to increase your opportunities of meeting someone! 

Say yes more often:

Say yes to more invitations. Being sociable is a great way to meet new people! Attend that housewarming or birthday party. Say yes to a night of karaoke with friends. 

Expect and handle rejection:

You approach someone who turns out to be in a relationship. You make an overture and are turned down. Consider this part of the process. It’s not a rejection. It’s the task of fine-tuning your choices.

Don’t forget work gatherings:

Work parties, after-work drinks and other work-related after-hours activities may seem lame. Instead of excusing yourself, take the opportunity to get to know the people you work with. They’ll be different outside the workplace and you may find someone interesting. 

Common interests and values are the types of things we’re all looking for in a relationship. These are hard to find in a dating app that gives you a picture and one clever sentence. If you’re tired of hook-up sites and weary of the effort it takes to swipe and contact many possibilities, it’s time to get out and meet others face-to-face. Have courage and approach someone who seems interesting! You may be surprised by the results.

We acknowledge that COVID has made it more difficult to meet other people in the past couple of years, but we’re learning to adapt to this new “normal”. Don’t let it stop you from getting out and experiencing your life! 

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