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The Most Common Ways Singles Meet Each Other In Real Life

Do you dread dating apps? Have you been ghosted, zombied, benched, breadcrumbed, or catfished? Do you have online dating fatigue? Maybe the digitally-driven dating world is not for you! If you’re looking for a soulmate, there are some creative, old-fashioned ways to meet a partner in real life. After all, there’s no better way to gauge attraction and chemistry than to be physically present with someone. Following are the most common ways singles meet each other in real life. 

Meetups for singles:

What could be better than a group of available people actively looking to date, all in one location? Try local singles events two or three times a week. Even if you don’t meet anyone on your first few tries, these events help you mingle and gain confidence. If you live in or near Calgary, check out the singles groups. There are a variety of clubs with many different focuses, so don’t forget your Nice Hat and get out there and meet people! 

Sports clubs:

Do you like to run, bike, box, row, play soccer, softball, frisbee, badminton or just get a good sweat on? A sports club is a great way to meet singles who like to engage in an activity you’re interested in. Single and live in and around Calgary? Check out the local sports clubs

The gym or yoga studio:

Put yourself in a position to meet other singles while simultaneously getting in great shape! Join a local gym or yoga studio. The next time you need a spotter or a demonstration of a difficult pose, start up a conversation with another member. Bring your Nice Hat and meet people who have similar interests to you! 

Alumni events:

Maybe all those hours in class could result in more than a career! Check out the alumni events from your college or high school (scan their website). You’ll be surprised how many other alumni are single and looking for a connection. Chit-chatting about days of yore can help you turn a classmate into a soul mate. Still in college? Wear your Nice Hat to class and keep your eyes open for other classmates wearing one, too!

With the help of friends:

Trust your friends! They may have an idea of who would suit you. Thirty-nine percent of people meet their partner through a friend. Have friends introduce you to some of their acquaintances. Host a party where you encourage your friends to each bring one new person outside your usual social circle.

Hobby Clubs and Classes:

Do you like to paint, play an instrument, dance, bake, write, do woodworking, or travel? Many hobby clubs host special events you can attend. Consider joining a club for a shared social network and access to regular meetings with people who share your creative interests. It’s a great way to meet potential dating partners. There are a ton of options in Calgary!

Volunteer groups:

Do you have a cause that inspires you? Is there a charity that speaks to your values? Helping others is a great way to meet singles who share your passion for giving. Open yourself to the possibility of meeting someone new while making a positive impact in the world. Volunteer with a local group and bring along your Nice Hat to encourage more opportunities to start up a convo!

The dog park:

Your beloved pet can help you start conversations with fellow dog-enthusiasts. You never know who you might meet! Calgary has a number of great dog parks. Check them out!

Camping groups:

Do you love to hike, camp, canoe or enjoy nature? Try meeting singles through membership and participation in camping groups

Book Clubs:  

Are you the literary type? Love to discuss a good novel? Your local bookstore or library likely has a great book group where you can meet others with your interests. Or, try a private book club.


When you’re waiting in line for your favourite coffee, strike up a conversation. Your coffee break is the perfect time to break the ice with someone new. See a Nice Hat? Say Hey! 

Grocery stores:

Heading to the supermarket or farmer’s market after work? There’s likely to be singles! Try asking for a recommendation for your next cooking endeavour. 


Fifteen percent of couples meet at work. It can be complicated, but why not use all that time you spend working to meet someone who understands what you do for a living? 

Book store/museum/gallery/exhibit:

Folks tend to wander through these spaces, alone or in small groups, giving you a chance to engage. Wearing your Nice Hats and Toques while you wander can boost the likelihood of meeting someone!


Weddings are a great time to meet other guests attending without a plus one. Strike up a conversation. Try some moves on the dance floor and show off your fun side!

If you want to meet singles in real life, maximize the number of locations that allow for organically meeting others. Be brave! Put yourself out there. Try something new and you may encounter a soulmate in the real world. 

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