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7 of the Best Spring Activities for Singles to Mingle

Ah, Springtime! A time of melting snow, sunshine and warm breezes. A scenic feast of green leaves, crocuses and daffodils. The perfect season to get back into the dating pool. A fantastic time to look for a connection. Not interested in dating apps? Here are 7 spring activities to meet singles naturally in the great weather. 

1. Volunteer: 

Spring is the perfect time to volunteer. Find a cause that you can get behind and spend some time giving back to your community. Pay attention to the other volunteers. Does anyone catch your interest? Strike up a conversation and see where it goes. Doesn’t pan out? No worries! You just had an interesting social interaction and practiced your approach, all while helping others. 

2. Go for a walk in the park: 

When the sun shines, people come out from behind their winter barricades. Go for a walk in a nearby park. No need to have a destination in mind. Just stroll around and simply enjoy the day. Watch for other singles walking, sitting, or reading. Break the ice by commenting on the beautiful weather, what book they’re reading, or how cute their pup is! (if they have one).

3. Try a local wine or beer event: 

Attend a wine or beer tasting or try a Beerfest. It’s a great way to meet other singles. You never know who you’ll bump into. Share your opinion of the samples. Chat about your favourite wine and beer. Watch for that spark. 

4. Take in some theatre

Are you a theatre buff? Spring brings a new lineup of local theatre events. Attend something that attracts you. Your shared interest will make it easier to strike up conversations with those around you. You never know who you may meet!

5. Give speed dating a try: 

Do you find it hard to walk up to someone you find attractive and start a conversation? Speed dating may be the answer for you. Speed dating services arrange for you to meet an average of 12 singles, within your age range, for approximately 7-minute dates. Go prepared with a few questions and see what transpires. If it doesn’t work out, you have only 7 minutes to feel awkward!

6. Attend a music festival

Spring brings the return of outdoor festivals. Ask some friends to go with you. Your buddies know you well and can help you meet other like-minded singles. Going as a group takes the pressure off while still giving you a chance to meet new people. 

7. Try a sporting event, gym or rec centre: 

Spring is a great time to get active! Try a local mud run or obstacle course. You’re likely to encounter other singles out for fun and adventure! Plus, you may catch someone’s eye with how much fun you’re having and your passion for sport and competition. Being comfortable with yourself and having a positive attitude is attractive – go out there with no expectations and just have fun! A connection may happen naturally. 

Going to the gym or a recreation centre on the regular is also a great opportunity as you become familiar with other regular users. The sense of a shared goal makes it easier to chat and get to know those around you. You may encounter someone interesting!

To meet other singles, maximize the number of opportunities and locations that allow you to have chance encounters. Use the enlivening feeling of spring to get you out of your abode and back in the dating game. Do things you enjoy. Try something new. Ask for help from your friends and family. Dating can and should be fun!

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